Quality Assurance

The management of the company is committed in maintaining an effective quality assurance system and to an ongoing improvement in the products manufacturing processes, and resource. Quality assurance requires supervised processes while keeping to strict written regulations that are taught to every worker in the factory during their training. In addition, we strive to fulfill the expectations of our customers to their full satisfaction.

Resources will be allocated for the ongoing improvement of the quality assurance system to make sure that all goals are achieved.


The quality assurance system will comply with the requirements of the aviation standard AS-9100B.

The means for inspection of the ERP KITARON system includes monitoring and controlling every manufacturing stages, such as F.A.I. M.R.B., and S.P.C., etc., as well as a CMM measuring device model LK for workloads of 3000x1200x1000 mm, in a controlled environment.




**/104 ASP