About Simat

Simat Industries Ltd. (a subsidiary of Koor Metals Ltd.) is a technological center that specializes in the sub-contracts of components manufacturing complex assemblies.


Simat has established itself as one of the largest private companies in the fields of sub-contracting, due to its unique structure, human resource excellence, and its advanced equipment and manufacturing methods.

The factory is located at the Northern Industrial Estate of Kiryat Shmona, and extends over 15 dunams (almost 4 acres), of which 6 dunams are covered. The factory employs 64 workers working in shifts.


The company was established in 1983 and was purchased by the privately owned Koor Metal Ltd in 2002, from the public company the Koor Group.


Company Goals

Simat aspires to specialize in the aviation field, including:

  • Acquiring specialized equipment
  • Training additional personnel for aviation activities
  • Acquiring new and renewed equipment for all the company’s departments
  • Obtaining additional quality approval.

Simat also aspires to extend its activities to other metal fields.